Commercial Banks in Ghana

By | December 26, 2023

The banking sector in Ghana has seen lots of changes over the years because of the policies and strategies by the government of Ghana to help sustain the industry and also make it economy-friendly to serve Ghanaians.

With the introduction of these policies and strategies, some banks have survived and are still surviving, while others have failed to stay up their game. In this article, we will look at a list of commercial banks in Ghana that are still offering financial services.

There are currently twenty-three (23) commercial banks in Ghana that offer services such as accepting deposits, providing business loans and basic investment products. As a citizen, it is important to know about these banks in Ghana because saving also contributes to the progress of an economy.

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The commercial banks in Ghana are regulated by the Bank of Ghana, and are available to help you save and get the loan you need to start up or grow your business and other financial assets. However, before providing you with the list of the commercial banks in Ghana, let’s know some of the functions commercial banks perform.

Functions of Commercial banks in Ghana

1. They help in paying bills such as water bills.
2. They deal in special services like money transfers and orders.
3. They help in clearing client cheques.
4. The commercial banks sometimes serve as trustees for some of their clients.
5. They keep safe deposits or savings of customers in their accounts.
6. They engage in forex activities (buying and selling securities).
7. They give out loans to customers.

Below is the list of commercial banks that are registered in Ghana.


1. Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited
2. Universal Merchant Bank Limited
3. United Bank for Africa (Ghana) Limited
4. Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Plc
5. Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited
6. Societe General Ghana Plc
7. Republic Bank (Ghana) PLC
8. Prudential Bank Limited
9. OmniBSIC Bank Ghana Limited
10. National Investment Bank Limited
11. Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited
12. GCB Bank Plc
13. First National Bank (Ghana) Limited
14. First Atlantic Bank Limited
15. Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited
16. FBNBank (Ghana) Limited
17. Ecobank Ghana Plc
18. Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited
19. CalBank PLC
20. Bank of Africa Ghana Limited
21. Agricultural Development Bank Plc
22. Access Bank (Ghana) Plc
23. Absa Bank Ghana Limited

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