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By | December 23, 2022

Who is Dappy? Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos, is an English rapper and singer. He is the lead singer of N-Dubz, a three-member band formed by his father, Bryon, in 2000 with his friend Richard Fazer Rawson, whose stage name is Fazer, and his cousin Tulisa. He is also a runner-up of Celebrity Big Brother 13 reality TV show.

Profile Summary of Dappy

Real name: Costadinos Contostavlos
Date of Birth: June 11, 1987
Age: 36 years old
Nationality: British
Hometown: Camden Town, London, United Kingdom.
Instagram: @dappy100
Facebook: Dappy
Twitter(X): @TheDappy
Tiktok: @officialdappy

Early Life

Dappy was born on June 11, 1987, in Camden Town, London, United Kingdom. He was raised alongside his older brother, Spiros Contostavlos, in Camden Town by his Greek parents, Byron Contostavlos and Zoi Agorou. He is 36 years old.


Bryon Contostavlos (father) and Zoi Agorou (mother) are Dappy’s parents. He lost his dad on April 12, 2007. Who is Dappy’s father? He was a London bassist, manager, and studio manager born on February 27, 1954. Bryon played a role in Dappy and her cousin Tulisa’s career, as well as their band N-Dubz, which is why Tulisa Contostavlos has a Tattoo of a vintage microphone and a rose surrounded with music notes and the inscription “Uncle B N Dubz For Life” on her left forearm. Also, after his passing, members of the N-Dubz band decided to name their debut album “Uncle B” after him.


He has an older brother called Spiros Contostavlos.


Dino Contostavlos attended Haverstock School in Chalk Farm, London.

Personal life

Dappy was in a long-term relationship with Imani Campbell, but now they are no more. After, he dated Kaye Vassell, and they also parted ways. However, the N-Dubz lead artist has two sons, Gino and Milo, with his ex-partner Kaye Vassell, and a daughter named Mia, with his ex-partner, Imani Campbell.

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Career (N-Dubz)

Dappy was 13 years old when his late father, Bryon, brought him, his cousin Tulisa, and his childhood friend, Frazer, together to form a trio music band in 2000. The three members attended the same school, Haverstock School, and Bryon, the father of Dappy, who was a musician (formerly of Mungo Jerry), decided to bring them together to protect and inspire them and keep them on the right path in life.

He hired a studio for the band and managed and trained them till he passed away in 2007. Uncle B also paid for the band’s three white-label albums and entered them into talent competitions, and they won some of them. They first performed under the name ‘Lickle Rinsers Crew” and then dropped the singles “Bad Riddim” and “Life is Getting Sicker by the Day.”

Later, the band decided to change their name to a different name, which they did, and they released a few demos under the new name, but again, they changed their name before finally settling on N-Dubz somewhere in 2005. After making their first music video in 2005 for the track “Everyday of My Life,” the video received airplay on Channel U, and they later gained a significant fanbase while still underground and not under any record label.

In 2006, the band released their debut single, “You Better Not Waste My Time,” with their name N-Dubz. In 2007, they dropped “Love for My Slum” and started receiving mainstream attention, but not long after Uncle B’s death in April. Following N-Dubz’s Breakthrough, they were nominated in the Best Newcomer award category at MOBO Awards 2007 and won the award. On stage, the trio dedicated the award to his late father, Uncle B.

The same year, the band was signed by Polydor Records, who rereleased their early single “You Better Not Waste My Time.” After some time, they left the record label, returned to self-financing their releases, and later signed on to another record label. In 2008, a few months after the release of their single “Ouch,” the band announced their debut album, Uncle B, dedicating it to their late manager, Bryon.

Dappy also got a tattoo of RIP Dad, and Tulisa also inked a tattoo on her left forearm. Dubz went on Uncle B’s tour, and they have gone on several tours in the UK. After the album, they released some singles and two more albums before they went on a hiatus in 2011. They announced a comeback in May 2022 with a single titled “Charmer.”

During their long break, Dappy and Fazer focused on a solo project. Tulisa became a Judge for X Factor, and also she carried out a solo project. The band has three albums now to their credit and over fifteen released singles. N-Dubz has won four MOBO Awards and one O2 Silver Clef Award.

Songs with N-Dubz

  • The Streets
  • Play Your Part
  • Charmer (2022)
  • Morning Star
  • Ouch
  • Girls
  • Defeat You ft. Chipmunk
  • Love For My Slum ft. Baker Trouble
  • Cold Shoulder
  • You Better Not Waste My Time
  • Strong Again
  • Playing With Fire ft. Mr. Hudson
  • I Need You
  • Best Behaviour
  • We Dance On ft. BodyRox
  • Say it’s Over
  • I Swear
  • Papa Can You Hear Me?

Albums with N-Dubz

  • Timeless (2023).
  • Love. Live. Life (2010).
  • Against All Odds (2009).
  • Uncle B (2008).

Awards with N-Dubz

  • Best Song (Playing With Fire) – MOBO Awards 2010.
  • The Silver Award – O2 Silver Clef Award.
  • Best Album (Uncle B) – MOBO Awards 2009.
  • Best UK Act – MOBO Awards 2009.
  • Best Newcomer – MOBO Awards 2007.

Career (Solo)

Dappy began his solo career in 2011 after N-Dubz went on a hiatus. He released his first solo song, “No Regrets,” on September 18. The song did well on music charts in the UK and Scotland, climbing to number one and No. 8 in Ireland. He also received praise from English Guitarist Brian Harold May, who he featured on his second single, “Rockstar,” released in 2012.

After his second track, Dappy announced the title of his debut album “Bad Intentions.” The album was released on October 22, 2012. In 2013, he went to Big Brother 13 and emerged as runner-up of the reality television show. In 2015, he released singles like “Beautiful Me,” “100 (Built For This,” and “Money Can’t Buy.” The same year, he dropped his first independent EP, “Eros Apollo,” on December 25. Since then, he has released many solo singles and albums, including “Fortune,” which has performed well across all music streaming platforms.

He has worked with musicians like Stefflon Don, SwN, S1MBA, Willie X.O, Abra Cadabra, Ay EM, Lotto Boyzz, Sneakbo, Wiley, and Yungen as a Solo artist. On June 26, 2020, his song “Oh My” ft. Ay went Platinum, and on November 10, 2020, his single “No Regrets” also went Platinum. Dappy has done several solo tours in Manchester, Leeds, Scotland, Liverpool, Nottingham, and others.


  • Aura
  • Lingo (2022)
  • Good Intentions
  • Word to My Mother ft. Stefflon Don
  • What’s Yours is Mine ft. Shaybo
  • Marathon (ADP)
  • Champagne
  • No regrets
  • Say Less ft. Nafe Smallz
  • Bolo ft. Abra Cadabra
  • Antigua ft. M24 & Backroad Gee
  • Wounds
  • Buss Me
  • All We Know Remix ft Ambush & Asco
  • Daily Duppy, Pt 1 & Pt 2 ft. GRM Daily
  • Oh My ft. At Em
  • Pantha
  • Pantha remix ft. Light
  • Count on Me
  • Straight Facts ft. Hazard
  • Spotlight
  • All We Know
  • Trill
  • Beautiful Me
  • Money Can’t Buy
  • Rockstar ft. Brain May
  • Tarzan
  • All or Nothing
  • Yin Yang


  • Fortune (November 12, 2021).
  • Bad intentions (October 22, 2012).


  • Eros Apollo (December 25, 2015)

Net worth

Dappy has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

FAQs about Dappy

• How old is Dappy?
He is 36 years old as of 2024.

• Where is Dappy from?
He is from Camden Town, London, United Kingdom.

• How much is Dappy worth?
He is worth $2 million.

• What Big Brother was Dappy in?
He was in Big Brother 13.

• Which Nationality is Dappy?
Dappy is British.

• What is Dappy’s real name?
His real name is Costadinos Contostavlos or simply Dino Contostavlos.

• How tall is Dappy?
He is 5ft 3 inches tall.

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