How to join date rush on TV3

By | January 29, 2023

Want to know how to Join Date Rush on TV3? Yet have no idea how to go about it? Then this article will guide you on the necessary steps you need to take.

The rate at which people are showing interest in this program, day in and day out, is incredible.

How to join date rush on TV3

How to join date rush on TV3.


Date Rush was introduced by TV3 Ghana somewhere in 2020, with its main sponsor being rush energy drink.

Surprisingly, the show is not enjoyed or watched by only Ghanaians but is also streamed by some individuals in Nigeria and other countries.

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Through this show, many names we did not know have become household names in Ghana now.
The purpose of the show is to find love, and a couple of men and women who we have seen pass through seasons 1-5 of the show have found matches that they’ve gone on dates with.

Right away, joining the date rush show is very easy. Once you are an African between the ages of 18-40, you can go for an audition to get selected for the show.

Again, you need to be bold, single, and eloquent. With these qualities, all you have to do next is to send your picture and details (name, Age, etc.) to the WhatsApp number 0261197411, and auditions are made at TV3 Executive Theater.

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