How to register for National Service Online in Ghana

By | January 27, 2023

Are you thinking of how to register for National service online in Ghana without stress? No need to worry because this article will guide you through the requirements and procedures to get your registration done with ease.

National service in Ghana is mandatory for every student who completes tertiary. Government or private companies make national service one of their priority checks during job interviews. Especially for government companies, it is compulsory.


The process below indicates how to check your payment pin code and pay on the system.


  • First, visit
  • Click on the option, Check & Pay for PINCODE, and key in your Index Number or School ID Number. Then click Search.
  • Your PINCODE, NAME, PROGRAMME OF STUDY, AND NAME OF UNIVERSITY will appear. The PINCODE will be in this form; NSSPXYGCC231721. Activate PINCODE by making a payment of GHS40 at any ADB Branch or through mobile money. Payment through mobile money is GHS41. One must finish this before starting the online registration.

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Make payment via ADB OR MTN MOMO


You can pay the Ghc 41 via ONLINE PAYMENT METHOD or MTN USSD METHOD.

  1. After checking PINCODE.
  2. Go to bottom of that page and click on CLICK NEXT TO PAY.
  3. Click on MTN Mobile Money Web.
  4. You will be asked to Enter Phone number from which the GHC 41 should be deducted. (You can insert your momo phone number. Or you can type the phone number of another person who has agreed to pay the GHC 41 on your behalf through his or her wallet. Payment confirmation will show.

At this point, go to your phone and do the approval. Or if you used another person’s MTN number, prompt the person to approve the deduction on their phone.

Below is how to do the Approval 

  • Dial *170#
  • Select 6 (My Wallet)
  • Select 3 (My Approvals)
  • Type in your Mobile Money PIN
  • Select 1 (Debit GHC 41)
  • Choose Option 1 to approve

After the Approval, your Pin code will be activated.


Those who use this method sometimes face problems when many people are paying at the same time.

The following are the procedures to use for the MTN USSD Method.

  • Dial *170#
  • Select 2 (Momo Pay & Pay Bill)
  • Select 2(Pay Bill)
  • Choose 5 (General Payment)
  • Enter payment Code (The payment Code is NSS add a little ‘space’ then type your PIN CODE)

Take note with the payment code, the NSS and PIN CODE must be in capitals. Don’t forget to bring one space between the NSS & PIN CODE.

Eg. {NSSPXYGCC231721}. 

(Your Name will show for confirmation).

  • Enter the amount, which is GHC 41
  • Use NSS as your reference.
  • Enter your mobile money PIN.

Immediately after making the GHC 40 payment at ADB BBANK Branch or the GHC 41 payment via MTN MoMo, your PINCODE becomes automatically activated.

NSS will also send you a text message as confirmation that your payment has been received.

After making the payment, you can then go to the NSS website or open this direct link to begin the online registration process.

How To Register For National Service Online In Ghana



  1. Applicant must have one of the following valid National ID – Passport, Voters Card, SSNIT Card, or Driver’s License.
  2. Upload a passport-size photograph that should not exceed 1 Mb. This will be on the final certificate, therefore, it needs to be formal.

This process is for applicants to complete their online registration to be provided with an NSS number. Please note that the compulsory fields to be filled are with asterisks (*) sign on them. You cannot continue the process without providing the information it requires.

There are two ways as to how to register for national service online in Ghana;

  • Search for
  • Scroll to where you checked the PIN CODE

At the bottom of the page, where your Name, Course of study, index number, Pin code, and other information are showing, you will see [Continue to Registration]. Click on the [Continue to Registration].

  • A page shall be opened for you to enter your Index Number, Date of Birth & Pin Code again.


  • Search for
  • Click on the NSS portal.


However, you can pass over the above steps by clicking on this direct link 

  • First, enter your INDEX NUMBER, DATE OF BIRTH & CODE.

Note: Always type the PINCODE IN CAPITAL LETTERS, and don’t separate the Letters from the number.

  • You will be asked to select your Means of Identification.
  • Tap on the drop-down menu to select the kind of National ID you want to use.
  • Types of ID are Voter ID, SSNIT card, Driver’s license, or Travelling passport.
  • After choosing the ID type, enter the ID number.
  • After inserting the ID number, you will see [person found].
  • The image of the ID card will be shown but the photo on it will not appear.

For any of the ID Cards selected, the details the system requires you to enter for ID confirmation will be below.

NOTE: To those who do NOT have any of the compulsory 4 ID Cards (SSNIT card, PASSPORT, VOTER’s ID & DRIVER’s LICENSE). Or those who have theirs available but the system cannot verify their ID Cards. All such people with ID problems are to select: I have other ID, verify me at NSS Regional Office

After selecting I have other ID, verify me at NSS Regional Office. You will have to scan & upload any ID card you have such as NHIS, and GHANA CARD. However, before you upload the scanned ID, the size must be; width: 380px by Length 260px. File size should not be more than 1.5Mb.

After uploading the scanned ID, the system will allow you to continue the online registration but remember to go to the NSS office with your Card when going to do the BIOMETRIC REGISTRATION.

  • Check bottom of that page & click on [Confirm & Continue]
  • Fill in all the required information.
  • Then upload a passport-size photograph of yourself.
  • The dimensions of the photo should be 150*200 pixels. The size must not be more than 1 Mb.
  • A passport photo with white background is accepted.
  • NOTE: The registration forms are in folios. Anytime you finish with one folio, click on [Save & continue]
  • All the information with asterisks (*) are compulsory to fill in.
  • If there are no asterisks (*) you can decide not to fill that part or you can.
  • Anytime you are typing your contact number, just start 0544… Don’t start with +233544…..
  • Provide an accurate and active email address.
  • Be circumspect when you get to the employment history page.
  • You will be required to tick (yes or no). Whether you are employed or not.
  • If you are not on the government payroll, tick (NO). If you are on the government payroll, tick (YES).
  • You will be entreated to upload your study leave letter & also provide information on the institution you work with.
  • Be careful when you get to [Have you previously done your national service?] Select NO except that you have done it before.
  • You will also be asked to provide the Length of your trouser, the waist of your trouser & the size of your shirt neck.
  • When you get to the Industrial Preference option, just select any two of the options.
  • You will be required to select 3 DIFFERENT REGIONS for placement.
  • You will be requested to click on the REVIEW to check all the information you have provided.
  • If all the information is correct, tap on [SUBMIT].


  • A congratulatory message will be acquired. Your NSS NUMBER, PIN CODE, and INDEX NUMBER are in the congratulatory message.
  • Save the congratulatory message and also make sure you keep the exact email address you used for the online registration well. 



ATTENTION: Those who have successfully received the Congratulations message, Kindly follow the steps below to complete the DASHBOARD signing.

Click on Personal Dashboard 

Enter your email address and your password (The email here is what you type during online registration, and the Password is your PINCODE) Type Pincode in Capital LETTERS


Here you are going to Change the PINCODE as your Password to any Password you like and can easily remember.

You will be asked to type your Old Password (that’s the PINCODE)

Then type your NEW Password (that’s the new password you want to use)

NOTE: Please use any password you can remember.

You are to retype the New Password.

Select your Question

Then type your secret answer

Click on Save to complete

After this process, you will log in with your email address and the New password [You cannot check or print your Posting/Appointment Letter if you fail to finish this process.]

  • Finally, you are done with the online registration!
  • You won’t necessarily have to print any form to the NSS OFFICE after Online registration. But you can print it down for evidence’s sake.
  • The next step is to wait until the NSS releases the Posting & Appointment Letters.

However, the above are the guidelines on how to register for national service in Ghana.

In conclusion, If you can’t do the online registration on your own, kindly go to an internet Cafe or get someone to help.

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