Tameawu leaf Spiritual Benefits – Very Powerful

By | March 21, 2023

Do you know how powerful Tameawu Leaf is? Here are some health and spiritual benefits to know.

Tameawu is a powerful plant known in English as hate me, you die. Others also call it never dies and this is because it grows anywhere it finds itself. Its name is very appropriate because of the nature of the plant itself.

This plant is recognized as a powerful plant because it has numerous health and spiritual benefits. I remember, as children, we used to cut up the leaves into rather small pieces and cover them up with sand.

Tameawu leaf

In a few days’ time, each small piece would begin to sprout new roots and shoots. The plant just does not die and it has so many healing properties.

Come to think of it, how come we have forgotten about the benefits of Never Die or Tameawu? Well, it’s probably because only a few people know how powerful the plant is.

In Ghana, it is called Tameawu (Akan). In Nigeria, the plant is known as Ewe abamoda (Yoruba), odaa opue (Igbo), danweshin or ekpokpo (Edo), afiayo (Efik), and umbu in Ijo-Izon.

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Tameawu leaf tends to grow anywhere it’s placed and remember to avoid putting them in dirty places in your room.

The Chinese call it da bu si. There have been several names given to this particular plant. These include air plant, curtain plant, green love, life leaf, live forever, miracle leaf, resurrection plant, or revival plant. Its scientific name is Bryophyllum pinnatum.

Tameawu Leaf Health Benefits

  1. The plant improves sleep quality and general well-being in cancer patients, reducing blood pressure as well as preventing kidney damage. Especially, in people with high blood pressure, among other therapeutic benefits.
  2. It has also been said that the lightly roasted leaves are used against cancer and inflammations. It is also a leaf infusion used for fevers according to Creoles. An infusion is a tea extract or drink prepared by soaking tea leaves or herbs in liquid.
  3. A mixture of this leaf juice with coconut oil is used as a remedy for migraines and headaches.
  4. Some indigenous people heat the leaves and apply them on boils and skin ulcers.
  5. In Ecuador, it is used to treat broken bones and internal bruises.
  6. Infusion of leaves and stem in cold water are used by indigenous tribes of Peru for heartburn, urethritis, fevers, and all sorts of respiratory conditions.
  7. The root infusion is also used in epilepsy.
  8. The leaves are known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic activity, anti-hypertensive activity, and anti-tumor activity.
  9. Anti-ulcer potentials of the herbal drug have been reported in various scientific studies.
  10. Boosts sleep in cancer patients.
  11. In our home, we used it to treat fungal infections like ringworm.

Tameawu Leaf Spiritual Benefits

  • It can be used to collect a debt.
  • The leaf can be used as love spells.
  • It can be used to get favors from people, work, etc.
  • Tameawu can be used as protection against witches and wizards.
  • It can be used to overturn curses.
  • It protects you against spiritual marriages.

All you need to do is to walk to the plant, talk to it and say whatever you want to use it for. Then fetch some of its leaves, grind it with salt (the stone one) and bath with it that’s all.

Alternatively, you can drop a coin under it before you talk to it. Make your petition known or speak out why you want to plug the leaf and ask permission before you do so.

Note that it is not juju or anything of that sort. It’s just a powerful plant that was created by the Almighty God.

IN CONCLUSION: This plant should be grown on every home garden patch. It also grows well in pots and even bottles. With time a tiny part of a leaf should give you a garden bed full of the plant.

This leaf is very powerful to the extent that users must avoid urinating on tameawu leaf. It is believed that it can “kill your manhood”.

You can keep the leaf at your window or beside your bed for a spiritual purpose. There is more to this when it comes to Tameawu leaf.

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