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Francisca Lamini Biography

Who is Francisca Lamini? Francisca Lamini represented her High School, Keta Senior High Technical School, at the 2021 edition of the annual National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) Competition in Ghana. She is the first female to make it to the finals of the NSMQ competition in the past eight (8) years with KETASCO, one of the best schools in the Volta Region. She is currently a student at Harvard University, studying to achieve her dream of becoming a medical doctor.

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Profile Summary of Francisca Lamini

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Real name: Francisca Lamini
Date of Birth: January 19, 2003
Age: 20 years old
Nationality: Ghanaian
Hometown: Dabala, Volta Region
Religion: Christian
Tribe: Ewe
Facebook: None
Instagram: None
Twitter: None

Early life

Francisca Lamini was born and raised in the Volta Region of Ghana. She was raised alongside her younger brother by a single parent, her mother, Ms. Benedicta Awudi. She is a 20 years old and a native of Dabala in the Volta Region of Ghana.


In an interview with Kofi Adomako Nwanwani on Kofi TV, Francisca revealed she is from Dabala in the Volta Region.


Mr. Lamini and Ms. Benedicta Awudi are the parents of Francisca Lamini, but they are separated. Mr. Lamini is a trader, and Ms. Benedicta is a Baker.


Family is the oldest child of her parents. She has one sibling, a younger brother called Torfic Lamini.

Educational Background

She had her basic and Junior high school education at Sanity International School. She wrote her BECE in 2018, and from there, she went to Keta Senior High Technical School in the Volta Region to study Science. She completed KETASCO in 2021 and proceeded to Harvard University for a pre-med degree. She is currently studying at Harvard University.


For now, Francisca Lamini does not have a boyfriend.

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Social media handles

She issued a disclaimer on Kofi TV that she is not on social media. So, Francisca Lamini does not have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. However, there are accounts in her name on social media, so beware.

NSMQ Journey

Francisca Lamini scored an aggregate 7 after writing the 2018 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). She was a student of Sanity International School in the Volta Region, and according to her, she always worked hard to be the best in Class and in every activity she took part in at school. She was raised by a single mother, Ms. Benedicta Awudi, and seeing how her mother toiled to provide for her and the little one, her brother, she said to herself she was going to make her mother proud someday, and that inspired and pushed her to learn hard in school. She had the dream to become a Medical Doctor after Junior high.

While Francisca was waiting for her BECE results and school placement, she developed an interest in the annual National Science and Maths Quiz Competition while watching a Semi-final contest between KETASCO, St. Peters, and one other school on Television. Even though KETASCO was eliminated from the competition by St. Peters, She was amazed by how the contestants of KETASCO answered the Quiz mistress’s questions, and she started having thoughts of enrolling at KETASCO and then representing the senior high school at the NSMQ when she gets to her second year.

In late 2018, after the BECE results and placement came, Francisca enrolled at Keta Senior High Technical School, and she started working towards representing the School at NSMQ in her first year (SHS 1). She was selected among a twelve (12) member NSMQ team for KETASCO, and as they were preparing for the NSMQ competition, she was also studying to write NOV-DEC in her second year (SHS 2) which she wrote and scored 8As when the NOV-DEC results came.

Francisca Lamini was the only female to join two boys, James Lutterodt and Bright Senyo Gakpo, to represent her school at the 2021 edition of the National Science and Math Quiz Competition. They made it to the finals, but in the end, they placed third. However, with the performance of the three contestants of KETASCO, especially Francisca, they won the hearts of Ghanaians, and they were praised for their exceptional performance looking at the equally good schools they were able to beat in the various stages of the competition to get to the finals.

Francisca reaching the finals, became the first female to make it to the final stage of the Competition in the past 8 years. She won the Outstanding Female Contestant Award, a trip to Dubai with her two mates, and other monetary awards. After the NSMQ, Lamini applied to two Universities in Ghana with her NOV-DEC results (the University of Ghana and the University of Allied Sciences) to go and study medicine. However, a group of CEOs in Ghana met the contestants of KETASCO after the NSMQ competition, and she revealed to them her dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Though Lamini had already applied to the two universities in Ghana, she wanted to go to Yale University. With the help of the group of CEOs She met, led by Ms. Angela Kyeremanten-Jimoh, she applied to four Universities outside Ghana, thus Harvard University, Cornell University, Standford University, and New York University (Abu Dhabi). After applying to the above foreign Colleges/Universities, she was picked by all four schools, and she chose Harvard University for her pre-med degree.

She gained admission in 2022, and in her first-semester result, she did well by scoring 5As in the subjects she studied in the first semester. Lamini also did well in her WASSCE when the results came in 2022. She scored another eight A’s as she did in the NOV-DEC she wrote in SHS 2. She is a young heroine in Ghana now, as many Ghanaians, including popular personalities, continue to celebrate her for her academic achievements.

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