Student Mattress Prices in Ghana

By | February 17, 2024

Student mattress prices in Ghana

There are different student mattresses available on the Ghanaian market. We have student mattresses that have leather covers and others that have fabric covers. Some individuals prefer the former, and others like the latter.


However, the prices of these student mattresses in Ghana are not the same. Aside from the materials, which influence their prices, other factors, such as the size of the student mattress, affect the pricing of these student mattresses in Ghana.

It’s important to note that the prices of student mattresses in Ghana may also be affected by inflation rates, exchange rates, and import tariffs, which can impact the cost of raw materials and manufacturing.


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In addition, sales promotions, discounts, and seasonal offers may affect the final price of student mattresses in Ghana. But we know that the student mattresses with leather covers in Ghana are more expensive than the ones with fabric covers.

Therefore, you can choose between the options available based on your preference and budget. If you also want a student mattress without any cover, you can also get them on the market, and they’re more affordable than student mattresses with leather cover and fabric cover.


So, whether it’s a student mattress that you want to purchase for a dorm room, apartment, or shared living space in Ghana, we are going to provide you with the student mattress prices in Ghana in this publication.

Student Mattress Prices in Ghana

On Average, basic student mattress prices, whether a student mattress with a Leather cover, fabric cover, or without cover, range from GH¢150.00 to GH¢411.00.

Where to find a Student mattress in Ghana

In Ghana, student mattresses can be found at various retailers, both online and at physical stores. Some common online platforms to get a student mattress in Ghana include Jumia and Tonaton.

When it comes to physical stores, they include any furniture stores near you, mattress retail stores in places like Lapaz, Achimota Market, Tudu (Accra), and mattress manufacturers in Ghana, like Latest Foam and Ashfoam.

Luckily enough, Latex foam and Ashfoam have showrooms & Depots across the country where you can go and get your preferred student mattress.