Who is Phylicia Anderson?

By | November 17, 2022

Who is Phylicia Anderson?

Phylicia Anderson is the sister of Ghanaian film producer and actor Van Vicker, known for starring in movies like Beyoncé: The President’s Daughter, Divine Love, and The Return of Beyoncé. She is the only sibling of Van Vicker and older than him.

Phylicia was born on September 9 in Liberia, West Africa, and similar to her junior brother, Van Vicker, she is married and raising a beautiful family in the United States. She currently lives in the United States with her husband and children.

Mr. Java B Anderson is the name of Van Vicker’s sister’s husband, and he is a film producer and director. They have three children together: two daughters and a son, and among Anderson’s children with her current husband, Java, the popular ones amongst them are their eldest and youngest children.

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The eldest child of Phyl is called Jarvina Anderson. She is an alumnus of the University of Rhode Island in the United States. Anderson’s youngest child goes by the name Ocean Anderson. All who follow her brother Joseph Van Vicker on his social media handles have seen about one or two pictures of Phylicia displayed on his timeline.

The Ghanaian actor often posts a photo of his big sister on social media during her birthday. Also, on the day the world celebrates mothers, he posts her. Phylicia is a beautiful woman and has attractive eyes. She has been to Ghana a couple of times.

Below are some photos of Phylicia Anderson.

Who is Phylicia Anderson?

Phylicia Anderson

Van Vicker sister

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